I am creating a stock dashboard as a single page application(SPA) to track and research stocks, using React with a Node backend.
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Welcome to my stock dashboard!

I am creating this app as a single page application(SPA) using React with a Node backend.

Current Goals

  • Create base application
  • Locate APIs to use for data pulls
  • Complete layout design/build components
  • Build basic components for research

Longterm Goals

  • enable user logins
  • allow creation of watchlists for users
  • allow users to interact with one another on a message board

Desired features

  • chart for desired stock
  • company financials/ratios
  • filter results based on volume, price, etc.
  • search for company by ticker or company name
  • autopopulate search list
  • user login to track watchlist

Current Design Screenshots

Mobile Landing Page Design

Image from Gyazo