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Daniel Jomphe's custom pack of configurations for Emacs Live
Emacs Lisp
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User Pack Template

This is a template for your own user (or other purpose) pack.


Use the file init.el for your own configuration elisp. If this starts getting unweildy then you might want to break out the config into separate files which you can store in the config directory.


Files placed in the config dir may then be referenced and pulled into your init.el via the fn live-load-config-file. For example, if you have the file config/foo.el then you may load it in with:

(live-load-config-file "foo.el")


If you want to pull in external libraries into your pack, then you should place the libraries within the lib dir. To add a directory within the pack's lib directory to the Emacs load path (so that it's contents are available to require) you can use the fn live-add-pack-lib. For example, if you have the external library bar stored in lib which contains the file baz.el which you wish to require, this may be achieved by:

(live-add-pack-lib "bar")
(require 'baz)

Have fun!

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