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Ghost Safety Squad - the game
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Ghost Safety Squad. It's a game!

Made by Daniel Kinsman, Natasha de Bakker, Rebecca Knight and Nathan "Derris-Kharlan" Antony.
See LICENCE file for details.

Made in 2 and a bit days at tigjam australia 2012.

You are a ghost.
Move around with WSAD or the arrow keys (up down left right).
Possess people with the spacebar.
Try to save them from getting killed.

-==Installation and running==-
    Install python and pygame (e.g. sudo apt-get install python pygame)
    Run (./

Mac OSX:
    Not sure as I don't have a mac.
    Make sure your version of python is up to date (need version at least 2.7.x)
    Then try installing pygame from
    Then run

    Unzip the zip file and run game.exe
    (Make sure you are using the prepackaged windows binary

Have fun!
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