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iSee - NHS Hack Day Cardiff 2014

This repository contains source code for our implementation of eye tracking on a tablet. This was the winning entry for NHSHackday (Jan 2014) in Cardiff that spanned for two days. This application is aimed at kids for use in hospitals, to aid in carrying out acuity measurements. You can read more about the event here

Note: There is a vital part of this application missing, which are the Cardiff Cards assets. We could not include them for copyright reasons, so the build will fail without minorly changing the asset imports.

Photo of the eye tracking

Photo courtesy of Paul Clarke, more from the event here

The iOS app uses a few open source componenets:

  • OpenCV For face and feature detection.
  • eyeLike C++ project which we ported to iOS for accurate eye tracking, based on this paper


Even though the hack day has finished, software development never does! We are keen to improve this application.

This is an ongoing project for us, we have been kindly given a new iPad to continue improving the application.