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Azure Lunch!

Ben Chartrand and Daniel Larsen recording a podcast

Ben Chartrand from Timely on Azure Functions, Cloudflare Workers and Cloud architecture patterns

S1E05: Play the episode now | Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Subscribe on Android

In this episode Daniel Larsen, Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, talks to Ben Chartrand a Platform Development lead at Timely about Azure Functions v2, Cloudflare Workers and his favourite Cloud architecture patterns for economy and scale.

Show links:

Azure Lunch is a regular podcast of news and views from Microsoft Azure with a Kiwi slant. This episode is sponsored by the Microsoft NZ Partner Hub. If you're building software or providing services related to Microsoft products then you should check out the Partner hub for training, advice and a heap of resources including the Partner Practice Playbooks -

Thanks to SilverWHK for the use of his music in our podcast:

Daniel Larsen is an employee of Microsoft. The opinions expressed in this podcast are his own and not an official company statement.