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Koken plugin that automatically inserts Google Universal Analytics tracking code into any theme.
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Google Universal Analytics plugin for Koken

This Koken plugin is based on Koken's plugin koken-google-analytics. It automatically generates and inserts Google Universal Analytics tracking code into your published site, regardless of what theme you have selected.

This version allow you to specify the location of the analytics.js in case you want to selfhost that file. This give the avantage to be able to configure proper caching but has the drawback of not being updated automatically in case of new version from Google.

A Koken installation (0.2.0 or higher) and a free Google Analytics account are required.


  • Create the folder storage/plugins/mesphotos-google-universal-analytics under your Koken root folder.
  • Copy plugin.json and plugin.php to this folder.
  • In your admin dashboard, activate and configure the plugin under Settings/Plugins


Use site configuration to access tracking_domain

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