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Fun project to learn GO.

The idea is to crawl Zkillboard to find out what people fly/fit on their internet spaceship(EVE Online). This data can be filterd to see what FW pilots fly/fit(amarr, minmatar only).

This tool can be usefull to find out what to buy and seed in lowsec market areas

Tool to make eve TypeIDs easier for GO

How it works:

  • Give the crawler solar system ID's to crawl
  • Crawls zkillboards api
  • Saves data from killmails in a simple struct(sort of a database)
  • Makes a simple text file backup of gatherd killmails every 60 seconds
  • Gets market prices from esi eve online
  • Serve http server on :8080
    • Html file shows table with item name, total count, jita price, jita+10% price
    • Paths:
    • / gives all combined data(so amarr, neutral, minmatar)
    • /amarr gives all combined data for amarr FW pilots only!
    • /minmatar gives all combined data for minmatar FW pilots only!

Thats it! easy and usefull. Was a great starting project.

If intrested fun comments are in the code! ;)

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