collection of some freetime Java projects/experiments and generated JARs, also referencing to the great landscape in Laos - no warranty for security issues and unchecked/uncaught exceptions
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Plain of JARs Plain of JARs

A collection of useful JAR files. Dedicated to my beloved father who died in 2015.

An installed version of Java (Runtime Environment) 8 is required (some JAR files might also work under Java 6 and Java 7).

Please take a look at the README in the JARs directory for further information about the different JAR files.

Some people might want to use a solution like JARFix for Windows so they do not need the console part with cd and java -jar, this solution does not work with all JARs.

You can also use the Shift+Right-Click shortcut in Windows 7 and later and select the Open Command Window Here option to open the console in the right path and you just need to run the corresponding java -jar command.

The latest tools include the full sourcecode and the final JAR files are released in two versions: tool.jar and tool_proguard.jar. The tool_proguard versions are shrinked using ProGuard, the files for the configuration of Proguard are in the corresponding source directories.