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Constitution Annotated

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What is the Constitution Annotated?

CONAN explains the U.S. Constitution section by section, describing in non-partisan fashion how the U.S. Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution’s provisions. CONAN contains analysis of nearly 8,000 Supreme Court cases. Releasing the treatise in XML would allow for the easy sharing of information between different kinds of computers, applications, and organizations, and provide a roadmap to the underlying data.

In 2014, the Library of Congress/ Government Publication Office began publishing CONAN on (as a series of PDF files) and as an app, but is not continuously updating the files and is not publishing the files in a structured data format that would allow others to make use of them. In 2019, the Library of Congress/ GPO began publishing the Constitution Annotated online as a series of web pages.

Blog Posts

CONAN Correspondence and Public Statements

CONAN Online

Statutory Authority

  • Cornell University U.S. Code Title 2, Chapter 5 § 168 Constitution of the United States; preparation and publication of revised edition; annotations; supplements; decennial editions and supplements

  • Legislation that codified CONAN (S. J. Res. 236, enacted December 24, 1970, as P.L. 91-589.

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