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# Daniel Schwartz
# Version 1.0.0
# Ansible Playbook
- hosts: all
cap_file: packet_capture_{{ ansible_hostname }}_{{ ansible_date_time['epoch'] }}.pcap
- name: dur_in_sec
prompt: Please specify the runtime duration in sec
private: no
- name: interface
prompt: Please specify the interface (e.g. eth0)
private: no
- name: dest_folder
prompt: Please specify the destination folder (location on remote server e.g. /var/tmp/)
private: no
- name: filter
prompt: Please specify the tcpdump filter (e.g. host For no filter just press enter
default: ""
private: no
- name: start tcpdump
command: sudo /usr/sbin/tcpdump -G {{ dur_in_sec }} -W 1 -i {{ interface }} -s 0 -w {{ dest_folder}}/{{ cap_file }} {{ filter }}
- name: compress capture file
command: sudo gzip {{cap_file}} chdir={{ dest_folder}}/
- name: Change file permission
command: sudo chmod 755 {{ dest_folder}}/{{cap_file}}.gz
- name: copy logs to /export/tmp/ansible/
fetch: src={{ dest_folder}}/{{cap_file}}.gz dest=/export/tmp/ansible/ flat=yes
- name: remove files from remote server
command: sudo rm -rf {{ dest_folder}}/{{cap_file}}.gz