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Open source game for SNES emulation.
Assembly C++
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Open source game for SNES emulation. Github page: V1.0

This game is a work in progress rom intended to be used by SNES emulation programs. I have not and do not intend to test this game on an actual Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Update! If anyone is still following this project. Wow. That's cool. I put up a public facebook post ( where you can let me know what you think and anything else. Also I wanted to let everyone know that, sadly, my work life cannot allow me to sink time into something like this anymore, but I do have some good news. I have some plans that include this project and would do something cool with it. Sorry, can't say much more and don't know when I can get around to it.

This game is open source and I'd like it to be accessible. Please let me know if you have questions about how it works. If you would like to clone this game keep in mind that the game is under the GNUv3 license. This includes romhacks. I welcome romhacks you are even allowed to charge money for them provided you include source code.

If you would like to host this game you are free to do so provided you distribute it with this readme file or a link to this github page.

The game right now is only an arcade style platformer with a score. I don't have any bad guys or anything else. Just run and don't fall.

The story: A unknown biological weapon was unleashed on the world and it's effects ran out of control. You may be the last non-mutated survivor. The roads below are infested with mutants and as the sun sets they become even more violent. Your only hope is to run towards the sun long enough that you might find a safe place to lay for the night. If you are quiet you can sleep and escape before they sniff you out and find a new place to hide the next day.

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