Written for a friend. Simple command line time tracking.
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Simple command line time tracking.

Made for a coworker over lunch one day.

UPDATE: Christian Genco has forked this project and added lots of new features and polish. You probably want to take a look at his version: https://github.com/christiangenco/t_time_tracker

To install

  # after git clone
  sudo chmod 755 d
  sudo cp d /usr/local/bin

To use

Show current task:

Start a new task and finish previous
  d <What your working on>
Stop a task, without starting a new one

  d stop
  d done
  d d
Edit the task you are working on

  d edit
  d e
Resume the last stopped/done task

  d resume
  d r

To view

Daily files are created in year folders in ~/.dtimetracker