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Merb + Cucumber integration
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Merb + Cucumber integration with Webrat support.

=== Requirements

* merb-core >= 0.9.9
* cucumber >= 0.1.8
* webrat   >= 0.2.1 (Optional)

=== First Time

On your merb project root, you must run
  $ merb-gen cucumber
For Webrat support run the command with the option webrat:

  $ merb-gen cucumber --session-type webrat

In this case, it will also install a simple login feature that should pass if you're using merb-auth.

=== Usage

merb_cucumber does not provide feature generators, that's because is (very) recommended that you write the feature
specifications manually.

To execute all the features just run:
$ rake cucumber:features:all

To execute just one feature, you'll need to run:
$ rake cucumber:feature[<feature-name>]

For example, if you have a feature called "authentication.feature" you should execute the rake task like this
$ rake cucumber:feature[authentication]

=== Notes

* When you are implementing the steps of an scenario, please use the new request test helper, if you try to use the
  dispatch_to method, it won't work as expected.

* If you are using Webrat, remember to use it only on the actions that return a 200 status, if they respond with a 
  redirect, Webrat won't work as expected.

== Credits

Roman Gonzalez []
David Leal     []
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