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Simple geometry classes and algorithms in Ruby
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Geometry in Ruby

Implementation of basic 2D geometry algorithms in Ruby.


gem 'ruby-geometry', require: 'geometry'

Defined geometry objects

  • Point

  • Segment

  • Vector

  • Polygon

  • Line

Already implemented algorithms

  • Area of convex polygon Polygon#area

  • Distance from point to a line or segment Line#distance_to(point), Segment#distance_to(point)

  • Do segments overlap? Segments#overlaps?

  • Do segments lie on one line? Segment#lies_on_one_line_with?

  • Do segments intersect? Segment#intersects_with?

  • Segments intersection point Segment#intersection_point_with

  • Does segment contain given point? Segment#contains_point?

  • Are segments parallel? Segment#parallel_to?

  • Are vectors collinear? Vector#collinear_with?

  • Vectors cross product (outer product, vector product) Vector#cross_product

  • Vectors scalar product (inner product, dot product) Vector#scalar_product

  • Segment length Segment#length

  • Vector modulus Vector#modulus

  • Trivial vector arithmetics: summation, subtraction, vector-number multiplication Vector#+(vector); Vector#-(vector); Vector#*(numeric)

  • Euclid distance Geometry#distance

  • Line slope Line#slope

  • Y-intercept of a line Line#y_intercept

  • X-intercept of a line Line#x_intercept

  • Are lines parallel? Line#parallel_to?

  • What x-value do lines intersect at? Line#intersect_x

  • What is the angle between two lines? Line#angle_to

  • Rectangular bounds of polygon Polygon#bounding_box

  • Does polygon contain a given point? Polygon#contains?

Coming up

  • Is polygon self-intersecting?

  • Is polygon convex?

  • Do polygons intersect?

  • Does circle contain given point?

  • Do circles intersect?

Copyright (c) 2008 Daniel Vartanov, released under the MIT license

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