Workshop Pragmatic Introduction to Category Theory
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Code for the Pragmatic Introduction to Category Theory.

Slides and video are now available online!


  • clone the repo
  • sbt test:compile
  • sbt run
  • if you see the secret message you are good to go!




  • Define a monoid for Int
  • Define a monoid for String

sbt 'testOnly *Monoid*'


  • Define a functor for Maybe
  • Define a functor for ZeroOrMore

sbt 'testOnly *Functor*'


  • Define map in terms of ap and pure
  • Define an applicative for Maybe
  • Define an applicative for ZeroOrMore

sbt 'testOnly *Applicative*'

Monad (1)

  • Define flatten using flatMap
  • Define map using flatMap and pure
  • Define ap using flatMap and map

Monad (2)

  • Define a monad for Maybe
  • Define a monad for ZeroOrMore

sbt 'testOnly *Monad*'


Solution of the exercises are available here