My SQL abstraction/generalization/protection layer.
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SQL abstraction/generalization/protection layer. Anyone is welcome to use and improve :-)

It currently supports MySql, MsSql, Postgres and MsAccess (OleDb).

A little bit of history

In the far past, I developed a framework for use in many of my projects, and then not so long ago I have decided to separate the Sql stuff to a library. Now this is an awesome library which allows you to very easily prototype db schemas. No so long ago I have decided to also make this public on GitHub.

The fact that this library allows great flexibility and is open source, means we have full control over our queries - while having the ease of OOP and the protection of a query builder. If we required, we can also build our schemas entirely in runtime, not depending on any prebuilt schema files. And if a feature is missing, well, it's open source...

The use is pretty straight-forward. To supply a default connector, add a dg.Sql.Connector key in the appSettings of web.config. Like this: The default is MySql. Available connectors right now are MySql, MsSql, OleDb. Postgre is not tested yet - I welcome anyone who wants to do this.

To supply a default connection string, add a dg.Sql connection string in web.config, or dg.Sql::ConnectionString key in appSettings. Another option is to add a dg.Sql::ConnectionStringKey key in the appSettings, which specifies the connectionString's name to be used.

Structure of this library

  • Query: Build the query, and executes in a number of different ways, and different way to retrieve the results
  • ConnectorBase is the base class for the connector layer. Each connector has a subclass of this class, which supplies the basic functionalities, similar to the SqlConnection class. (I am considering a change this class's name in the future...)
  • DataReaderBase is the same story as with ConnectorBase, providing the same functionality as SqlDataReader
  • FactoryBase is a special base class which is responsible for creating special objects like DbCommands and DbDataAdapters. Each connector has a subclass of this class.
  • AbstractRecord is a DAL class that represents your data, and contains a TableSchema, data accessors, and helper functions. Using AbstractRecord is completely optional!
  • TableSchema is a class representing the an actual db schema. This assists the Query in converting values where necessary, bulding queries or even building CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE and CREATE INDEX queries...
  • There's a namespace Phrases which includes many objects that wrap native sql functions. You can add your own, based on the IPhrase class.


If you're using MySql, then there's a MySqlBackup class, which can create a full backup of a Database, including shcema and data. Yes, I know, it's cool.


There's a Visual Studio AddIn, called the "SchemaGeneratorAddIn", which assists in creating the TableSchema and a matching AbstractRecord based on a simple language which resides in a comment.

This little tool makes rapid db prototyping easy, and gets you much further in development in significantly less time than when using any other tool known to humanity.

I will soon post here some examples on how to use it. (Although there is a full documentation of the syntax in the Macro Structure.txt file)