How to use TopMenu Plug in

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With TopMenu plug-in you can create a button with clickable items on the top bar (type=Default) or in the left drop down menu (type=Left Menu).

The menu item can be an link or an Static Page

You can create as many menus as you want.

Creating a Menu

First thing you need to do is create a menu on the Menu Form.

Once you have a menu created you can click over it, on the list on the left side, and you will see few more option.

  • Edit Menu Items
  • Delete Menu

Creating Menu Items

You can now click on Edit Menu Items to create itens for your menu

For menu items you have 2 types:

  • URL: where you can put any URL that will be open when you click on this menu item
  • Page: where you will see an page editor, where you can put any HTML code there. Remember, YouPHPTube is based on Bootstrap and you can use any Bootstrap 3 CSS class on it.

On the Menu Items Order you can drag and drop items to sort them

If you still have some questions check this Video Tutorial

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