YouPHPTube hadware requirements

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How Many Livestream Can I Make?

  • You can have unlimited and simultaneous live streams.
  • You can have unlimited users connected to each live stream.

The only limitation is your hardware, but we can not tell you what hardware is needed to handle a specific amount of users.

It depends on your bandwidth and the quality of the video you are transmitting.

We use NGINX to stream your live stream without resizing it, so if you broadcast in 1080p, your users will receive 1080p live.

if you want details about how to improve your Live Stream try to ask it on

How should the CPU be?

The CPU is mainly used to encode VOD videos. The faster your processor is faster you will encode your videos

We recommend at least 2 CPUs core

How should the RAM be?

There is a script calculation..., your maximum file size can be only 50% of your RAM memory because the script needs to copy files between locations and handles it on the virtual memory.

In Example, if you want to upload a 4GB file you will need to have at least 8 GB Ram on the server otherwise you will have a Memory Leaks - Allowed memory size of # bytes exhausted error.

What ports do I need to open?

You will need ports 80, 8080, 443, 444 and 1935 to make the default installation

  • 80 for apache HTTP
  • 443 for apache HTTPS
  • 8080 for nginx HTTP
  • 444 for nginx HTTPS
  • 1935 for RTMP connection
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