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wordpress plugin/phpbb-to-wp-connector


phpBB to WP connector

  • Release Version none

  • Developer Version [BETA] 0.7.0

The source code and issue tracker can be found at:


WordPress - phpBB Integration Mod This Birdge makes possible to integrate your phpBB into your Wordpress Blog, sharing the Board style and users Users Can login at the Blog using the phpBB account or Wordpress account, If the phpBB users do not exist in WP it will be automatically created as a “Subscriber”


Not available yet


  • phpBB 3.0.12

  • WordPress 3.7.1


Not available yet


Please keep in mind that this version is still in development, so not everything may be in place or working. Works on phpBB version 3.0.12 and WordPress version 3.7.1 It is not recommended that you install this version on a live forum. Report any bugs or problems you encounter to our issue tracker Also, good ideas and bug reports are always welcome. Before adding this MOD to your forum, you should back up all files related to this MOD. This BRIDGE modify the database. Do not try to install with AutoMOD


GNU General Public License v2

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