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0f93b8d add javadoc to the fun SHA256 + refactoring
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ran Apr 24, 2019 in 1 minute

0f93b8d by @Danil42Russia


Build Passed

The build passed, just like the previous build.


This is a normal build for the master branch. You should be able to reproduce it by checking out the branch locally.

Jobs and Stages

This build has two jobs, running in parallel.

Job JDK State
93.1 openjdk11 passed
93.2 openjdk12 passed

Build Configuration

Build Option Setting
Language Ruby
Operating System Linux (Trusty)
JDK Versions openjdk11, openjdk12
Build Configuration
  "os": "linux",
  "jdk": [
  "dist": "trusty",
  "group": "stable",
  "script": [
    "curl -s | bash",
    "source \"$HOME/.sdkman/bin/\"",
    "echo sdkman_auto_answer=true > ~/.sdkman/etc/config",
    "source \"/home/travis/.sdkman/bin/\"",
    "sdk install kotlin",
  ".result": "configured",
  "install": true,
  "language": "ruby"
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