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Cucumber step definitions for testing command line applications
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Cucumber step definitions for testing command line applications.

If you...

  • Love testing with Cucumber
  • Love making command line apps

Then read on. Otherwise, here is a random cat.


Grab a copy of the step definitions file and place it in your step_definitions folder.

To see the available steps, look at the showcase feature file or at the step definitions summary.

If you do not have your cucumber environment set up already, you can also execute run scaffold in the repository's folder. It will generate a scaffold folder for you with everything you need to get started.


  • Steps for running any command and capturing its output, stderr and exit code
  • Steps for querying folder status
  • Steps for querying file status and contents
  • Steps for creating file and folder fixtures
  • Steps for querying the command's output, stderr and exit code

Downloading the Step Definitions file programmatically

If you are using the step definitions file as is in your project (recommended), then you can add a rake task or shell script to fetch a fresh copy of it on demand:

curl -o 'features/step_definitions/clicumber.rb'

If you are using Runfile, you can use this task:

help   "Download a fresh copy of clicumber stepdefs"
action :clicumber do
  file = "features/step_definitions/clicumber.rb"
  url  = ""
  exec "curl -o '#{file}' #{url}"

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