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Utility functions for colorful console applications with Ruby
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Utility functions for colorful console applications.


$ gem install colsole


  • Print colored messages
  • Color parts of a message
  • Print neatly aligned status messages
  • Word wrap with indentation consideration

See the Examples file for more.

Primary Functions

say "anything"

An alternative to puts.

say "Hello"

Leave a trailing space to keep the cursor at the same line

say "appears in "
say "one line"

Embed color markers in the string:

say "!txtred!I am RED !txtgrn!I am GREEN"

say_status :status, "message" [, :color]

Print a message with a colored status

say_status :create, "perpetual energy"

You can provide a color in the regulat 6 letter code:

say_status :error, "does not compute", :txtred

word_wrap " string" [, length]

Wrap long lines while keeping words intact, and keeping indentation based on the leading spaces in your string:

say word_wrap("    one two three four five", 15)

# output:
#    one two
#    three four
#    five

If length is not provided, word_wrap will attempt to determine it automatically based on the width of the terminal.

resay "anything"

Use resay after a space terminated "said" string to rewrite the line

say "downloading... "
# long process here...
resay "downloaded."

say! "anything to stderr"

Use say! to output to stderr with color markers:

say! "!txtred!Error!txtrst!: This just did not work"

Utility / Support Functions

colorize "!txtred!Hello"

Parses and returns a color-flagged string.

Respects pipe and auto terminates colored strings.

Call without text to see a list/demo of all available colors.


Returns true if we are running in an interactive terminal

command_exist? "some_executable"

Checks if the provided string is a command in the path.

detect_terminal_size fallback_value

Returns an array [width, height] of the terminal, or the supplied fallback_value if it is unable to detect.


Returns only the terminal width. This is a shortcut to detect_terminal_size[0].

Color Codes

Color Codes

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