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Go library for accessing Quandl API
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Go Quandl

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This library provides easy access to the Quandl API using the Go programming language.

The full documentation is at:


$ go get


  • Supports 3 call types to Quandl: GetSymbol, GetList and GetSearch.
  • Returns either a native Go object, or a raw (CSV/JSON/XML) response.
  • Built in cache handling.


Basic usage looks like this:

quandl.APIKey = "YOUR KEY"
data, err := quandl.GetSymbol("WIKI/AAPL", nil)

and will return a native Go object. To use the data in the response, iterate through its Data property:

for i, item := range data.Data {
  fmt.Println(i, item[0], item[2])

To receive a raw response from Quandl (CSV, JSON, XML) you can use:

data, err := quandl.GetSymbolRaw("WIKI/AAPL", "csv", nil)

To pass options to the Quandl API, use something like this:

v := quandl.Options{}
v.Set("trim_start", "2014-01-01")
v.Set("trim_end", "2014-02-02")
data, err := quandl.GetSymbol("WIKI/AAPL", v)

More examples are in the quandl_test file or in the official godoc documentation


Before running tests, set your API key in an environment variable.

$ export QUANDL_KEY=your_key_here
$ go test -v
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