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Bootstrap Linux workstations using a centralized bash scripts repository
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Rush - Linux Workstation Bootstrapper

Version Build Status

_______                       ______  
____  /  ___________  ___________  /_ 
___  /   __  ___/  / / /_  ___/_  __ \
__  /    _  /   / /_/ /_(__  )_  / / /
_  /     /_/    \__,_/ /____/ /_/ /_/ 
/_/      Linux Workstation Bootstrapper

This is a local version of Rush. It works by running scripts from a local folder rather than from a GitHub repository.


$ bash <(curl -s

Or, manually place the rush script anywhere in your PATH.


Step 1: Create a rush repo. You can start with teh sample repo folder.

Step 2: Set RUSH_PATH to point to the repo path.

$ export RUSH_PATH=./repo

Step 3: Execute a package:

$ rush hello

Building your own Rush repository

You can download the example repo folder, as a baseline rush repo.

Keep this points in mind:

  1. Each folder you create in this repository is considered a package.
  2. Each package needs to have a bash script named main, and optionally a plain text file called info.
  3. In the main script, you have access to the $SELF environment variable which contains the path of the package (== $RUSH_PATH/$PACK)
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