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Load and display community topics via Discourse API based on tab selection. The JavaScript / React part of the landing page.
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webpack_app.js React App

The app loads and displays forum topics via JSON API based on tab selection. Used as submodule in the Landing Page Middleman project. Tabs and Sources are configured in webpack_app.js.

Modular written in ES6 and compiled with Babel and Webpack.

Application Structure

components/ The React community components.

webpack_app.js React App configuration, supplies the tabs and JSON sources.

webpack.config.js Webpack configuration.

app.js Contains a reference to the bundled JavaScript for Middleman’s asset pipeline / build process.

webpack.production.js The bundled, production ready app.


This repository is intended for use as a git-submodule as part of the main project.

git clone --recursive && cd

npm install — Install all the dependencies.

npm run webpack — Webpack task to watch and recompile when changes are detected.


Webpack is configured for production ready output, Node is set to NODE_ENV: production to reduce the library size of React (and others). This increases the compilation time significant.

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