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// Copyright (c) 2013 Danny Havenith
// Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying
// file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
* Library for bit-banging data to WS2811 led controllers.
* This file contains a definition of the send() function for 8 Mhz controllers.
#ifndef WS2811_8_H_
#define WS2811_8_H_
#include <avr/io.h>
#include <util/delay_basic.h>
#include "rgb.h"
namespace ws2811
* This function sends the RGB-data in an array of rgb structs through
* the given io-pin.
* The port is determined by the macro WS2811_PORT, but the actual pin to
* be used is an argument to this function. This allows a single instance of this function
* to control up to 8 separate channels.
void send( const void *values, uint16_t array_size, uint8_t bit)
const uint8_t mask =_BV(bit);
uint8_t low_val = WS2811_PORT & (~mask);
uint8_t high_val = WS2811_PORT | mask;
uint16_t size = array_size * sizeof( rgb); // size in bytes
// reset the controllers by pulling the data line low
uint8_t bitcount = 7;
WS2811_PORT = low_val;
_delay_loop_1(107); // at 3 clocks per iteration, this is 320 ticks or 40us at 8Mhz
// note: the labels in this piece of assembly code aren't very explanatory. The real documentation
// of this code can be found in the spreadsheet ws2811@8Mhz.ods
asm volatile(
"start: LDI %[bits], 7 \n"
" LD __tmp_reg__, %a[dataptr]+ \n"
"cont06: NOP \n"
"cont07: NOP \n"
" OUT %[portout], %[downreg] \n"
"cont09: LSL __tmp_reg__ \n"
"s00: OUT %[portout], %[upreg] \n"
" BRCS skip03 \n"
" OUT %[portout], %[downreg] \n"
"skip03: SUBI %[bits], 1 \n"
" BRNE cont06 \n"
" LSL __tmp_reg__ \n"
" BRCC Lx008 \n"
" LDI %[bits], 7 \n"
" OUT %[portout], %[downreg] \n"
" NOP \n"
" OUT %[portout], %[upreg] \n"
" SBIW %[bytes], 1 \n"
" LD __tmp_reg__, %a[dataptr]+ \n"
" BRNE cont07 \n"
" RJMP brk18 \n"
"Lx008: OUT %[portout], %[downreg] \n"
" LDI %[bits], 7 \n"
" OUT %[portout], %[upreg] \n"
" NOP \n"
" OUT %[portout], %[downreg] \n"
" SBIW %[bytes], 1 \n"
" LD __tmp_reg__, %a[dataptr]+ \n"
" BRNE cont09 \n"
"brk18: OUT %[portout], %[downreg] \n"
" NOP \n"
"end: OUT %[portout], %[upreg] \n": /* no output */
: /* inputs */
[dataptr] "e" (values), // pointer to grb values
[upreg] "r" (high_val), // register that contains the "up" value for the output port (constant)
[downreg] "r" (low_val), // register that contains the "down" value for the output port (constant)
[bytes] "w" (size), // number of bytes to send
[bits] "d" (bitcount), // number of bits/2
[portout] "I" (_SFR_IO_ADDR(WS2811_PORT)) // The port to use
#endif /* WS2811_8_H_ */
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