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Advanced Custom Fields: Gravityforms Add-on

Advanced Custom Field with which we can select Gravityforms.

Getting started

The plugin is primarily available from the WordPress plugin repository. It allows you to choose a Gravity Form in WordPress Admin and use the selected form ID in your Theme or Plugin to output the form.

This plugin does not have any effect on the output of the website. It only adds a custom ACF field type for use in an ACF field group.

Installation and usage

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/acf-gravityforms-add-on directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress.
  3. Add a new field of type 'Forms' to the required ACF field group.

You can also install Advanced Custom Fields: Gravityforms Add-on using Composer.

composer require dannyvanholten/acf-gravityforms-add-on

…or if you make use of WPackagist, …

composer require wpackagist/acf-gravityforms-add-on

Using Advanced Custom Fields: Gravityforms Add-on

To use the the field you just need to know how Advanced Custom Fields work. You can check out their documentation.

The Gravityforms Add-on returns either an single form object / id or an array of objects / id's Now we know that we can easily use it to build our fields :)

If you return an ID

$form = get_field('my-form');
gravity_form($form, true, true, false, '', true, 1);

If you return an Object

$form = get_field('my-form');
gravity_form($form['id'], true, true, false, '', true, 1);

If you return multiple Form ID's

$forms = get_field('my-form');

foreach($forms as $form) {
    gravity_form($form, true, true, false, '', true, 1);

Getting involved

Want to get involved and improve Advanced Custom Fields: Gravityforms Add-on? Fork this repo and whenever you have something just make a pull request. After review we might add it to the Gravityforms ACF Field GitHub Repository.

Getting ahead

As Gravityforms & Advanced Custom Fields are continuously in development we like to take a look ahead together for what's coming. If you want to get involved developing Advanced Custom Fields: Gravityforms Add-on you can ask us if you can implement some of the features yourself.

  • Add dutch translations
  • Create an admin notice when plug-in gets activated but Gravityforms is not activated yet
  • Improve code by implementing code climate's hints.


This plugin is currently maintained by Say Hello GmbH, a specialist WordPress agency in Spiez, Switzerland.

The plugin was initially developed by Danny van Holten based on work by @stormuk (@lgladdy & @adampope). Be sure to follow them!


Advanced Custom Fields: Gravityforms Add-on



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