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Transform a SOAP WSDL into PHP7 code
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WsdlToClass - Import a WSDL to output classes

WsdlToClass enables you to load an (external) WSDL an generate the classes needed for a implementation.



Add a dependency using composer:

composer require 'dvandersluijs/wsdl-to-class:dev-master'

Or simply add a dependency on dvandersluijs/wsdl-to-class to your project's composer.json file.

    "require": {
        "dvandersluijs/wsdl-to-class": "dev-master"

For a system-wide installation via Composer, you can run:

composer global require "dvandersluijs/wsdl-to-class"

Make sure you have ~/.composer/vendor/bin/ in your path.


WsdlToClass is a Cilex powered application and uses the PHP internal SOAP implementation to generate php classes out of the WSDL.

List of Contributors

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to WsdlToClass! You can find a detailed list of contributors on every WsdlToClass related package on GitHub. This list shows only the major components:

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