A plugin for EDMC and Elite dangerous for Tracking EDRP Players
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A plugin for EDMC and Elite Dangerous for tracking CMDRs on the ED RP private group.


  • Follow the Steps below to install the Plugin for EDMC.
    • This guide expects that you already have Elite Dangerous installed.
    • This guide expects that you already have EDMC installed.

Automated Installation

  1. Right click the following link, and click Save link as... : [EDRP_Setup.exe]
  2. Run the installer.

    Note: This is an unsigned installer and therefore may be flagged by your anti-virus. If you do not feel comfortable with this, please proceed to the Manual Installation section below.

Manual Installation

  1. Click the green Clone or Download
  2. Click the Download Zip
  3. Copy and Paste the .zip file into your EDMC plugins directory.
  4. Extract the Zip file into a new folder in the plugins directory.
    1. For Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\EDMarketConnector\plugins
    2. For Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/EDMarketConnector/plugins
    3. You should now have an elite-dangerous-roleplay-tracker-plugin-master folder inside your plugins directory.
  5. Restart EDMC.

Expected Functionality

  • Listen for Logon / Logoff Events for a CMDR (Via EDMC)
  • Send Logon events to EDRP API (see API below)
  • Send Logoff events to EDRP API (See API below)
  • Send Player Location events (System change, docking/undocking, etc.) to EDRP API (see API section below)
  • PING the EDRP API approximately once every 5 mins while the CMDR is logged in to the EDRP Private Group.


Elite Dangerous Market Connector - Plugin