Chrome extension to block all promoted content on twitter
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Hey there,

RIP. Chrome Extensions are no more. Sad day :(

This is just a simple chrome extension to block all promoted content on twitter. Most ad blockers have a lot of over head and I just wanted a little something light and spacific to what I need

Files in project

  • block.js
    • This file does the actual blocking of promoted content.
  • inBackground.js
    • This file is the chrome extension that is running in the background waiting for the user to visit "".
  • jquery-2.0.2.min.js
    • This file allows me to use the cool stuff packed in jQuery so I dont have to fiddle with the javascript DOM selectors.
  • manifest.json
    • This file is here because all Chrome apps have to have a manifest file :).

I know this is not perfect but hey it is my first Chrome extension :)