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EDIT: Now deprecated due to changes in the PRAW API Wrapper. A new version is maintained by SofaAssassin:

This bot allows you to assign flair to users in your subreddit based on their karma. You can assign both their flair_text and their flair_css.

How does it work?

You can run the bot as often as you wish, I run it every 30 minutes, it works the following way:

1- Loops through the comments in a defined thread (EX:

2- If a comment hasn't already been read in the past, calculate that user's karma (link, comment or both) and assign the corresponding flair (text, css or both)

3- [Optional] Your bot can reply to the user to let them know their flair has been set.

4- Saves the date of the last comment that was processed in a sqlite database to ensure we don't ever process the same comment twice


1- Be a moderator of a subreddit with permission to modify user flair.

2- You will need to create an app to obtain the information necessary for the file (see this if you don't know what this file is for), this tutorial will show you how. You will need the following permissions: "modflair identity submit edit".

3- On your server, you will need Python installed as well as praw.

4- Once the bot is ready, create a thread asking your users to post if they want their flair to be set-up, the bot will assign their flair the next time it is ran.

5- Use a scheduler (such as CRON) to run the script periodically.


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