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Tmux-like tabs and terminal shortcuts
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Easily create tabs and move between them, using tmux shortcuts.


This plugin tries to colm the lack of shortcuts for :term, which have been introduced lately. ttab.vim let you create terminal buffers in split and tabs, in the same way you would do in tmux. It does not try to replace :split and :vsplit; instead it only add prefixes for commands which take a lot of keystrokes (:tabnew or :vs<CR>:term<CR>).


You can use any plugin manager to install ttab.vim.

For example, using Plug it would be:

Plug 'DanySpin97/ttab.vim'


Mapping Action
<Prefix>n Go to the next tab
<Prefix>p Go to the previous tab
<Prefix>c Create an empty buffer in a new tab
<Prefix>t Open a terminal in a new tab
<Prefix>| Open a terminal in a vertical window
<Prefix>- Open a terminal in a horizontal window
<Prefix>x Close the current tab
<Prefix>[0-9] Move to the ith tab

All the mappings work in normal mode and inside the terminal.

The default prefix is '<C-B>'.



Change the prefix (default '<C-B>'):

let g:ttab_prefix = '<C-B>'

Terminal mappings

Disable the terminal mappings:

let g:ttab_terminal_mapping = 0


This program is licensed under the MIT license.

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