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Virtual private server related

Setup Simple PPTP VPN server for CentOS and Ubuntu

NOTE: PPTP VPN is considered insecure. Do not rely for this vpn if you need security. However, PPTP works out of the box on many operating systems, including many Linux distributions, Windows, Mac OS and Android and it's easily good enough for evading country level IP blocks. has been tested on Vultr & Host1plus: CentOS 6 x86 has been tested on Vultr & Host1plus: Ubuntu14.04 x86 is just for CentOS 7 on Host1plus & OpenVZ



chmod +x ./
./ -u your_username -p your_password


sudo bash -u your_username -p your_password
service pptpd restart


CentOS 7

chmod +x ./
./ -u your_username -p your_password

Some notes

If your vpn password less than 8 characters,then give you a random password.

To add more accounts, see the file /etc/ppp/chap-secrets

If you keep the vpn server generated with this script on the internet for a long time (days or more), consider either restricting access to the ssh port on the server by ip addresses to the networks you use, if you know the addresses you are most likely to use or at least change ssh from port 22 to a random port.

You can also specify you own username and password, run ./ -h or sudo bash -h for help.