Desktop application for bankroller. Invest BET and take reward for random generation.
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Dao.Casino Desktop Application

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BankrollerApp is a basic part of Dao.Casino protocol. This is a desktop app, for bankrollers and gamedevelopers the execution environment for DApps.

App includes:

  • Ethereum wallet with BET token support
  • Developer tools, for run, testing and deploy DApps.

Get it

Download app from the release section



You need nodejs 8.9+ Xcode for MacOS

git clone --depth=1 && cd BankRollerApp
npm install && npm start


npm run build
npm run build_electron_mac
npm run build_electron_windows
npm run build_electron_linux


As an open-source project we welcome any kind of community involvement. Whether that is by contributing code, reporting issues or engaging in insightful discussions.