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DAOBet is a platform for decentralized applications. DAOBet is almost compatible with EOS smarts-contracts, fast finality and extended governance.

DAOBet features:


Governance mechanism is deployed in the DAObet, which allows changing the number of validators from 21 to 102 and the emission rate from 20 to 10% depending on the Activated stake. read more


RANDPA is a mechanism for the quick finalization of blocks. read more

Sponsorship Tx

Transaction sponsorship is a mechanism that allows users to sponsor any transaction with a third party via CPU and NET bandwidth. This means that CPU and NET costs will be fully covered by the sponsoring account. read more

Vote resource

DAObet has revised the mechanism of staking and voting. Now the CPU and NET have no weight when voting for a validator and serve only to ensure bandwidth. An additional VOTE resource was introduced in DAObet especially for voting, which is staked on a par with CPU and NET and is used only for voting. read more

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@algys algys released this Nov 1, 2019

 - selective proofs in randpa
 - collect as much prevotes as possible
 - build improvements
 - fixes
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@justefg justefg released this Sep 3, 2019 · 79 commits to master since this release

run-node for v0.2.1
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Aug 13, 2019


Jun 20, 2019
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