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Game of Stakes

Welcome to the Game of Stakes from DAObet!

In this document you will find the necessary instructions and useful advise for participating in the game.


To participate in the Game of Stakes you have to add information about yourself in producers.json. Fill in the information via pull request or just send it to us

    "name": "example",
    "account_name": "examplenamee",
    "publickey": "EOS6fzMVJsxXyXvuTcoRpkkFo2FtNT8jrAfmU3vxMsb8eWYG8Uz5S",
    "url": "",
    "p2p_endpoint": "",
    "api_endpoint": "",
    "ssl_endpoint": ""

name (optional)

Your account name or company name

account_name (required)

The name for your account in DAObet game of stakes network. The name should be created according to the following rules:

  • Can only contain the characters:.abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12345. a-z (lowercase), 1-5 and . (period)
  • Must start with a letter
  • Must be 12 characters long
  • Must not end with a dot



  • validator111
  • validator222
  • validatorbet


  • validator // shorter that 12 characters
  • validator069 // contains numbers 0,6 and 9
  • val.idator // contains a dot
  • 111validator // starts with a numeral

publickey (required)

public key (in EOS format) of which you have a private key.

For generating the keypair (public key and private key) you can use daobet-cli:

// output to console
daobet-cli create key --to-console

// output to file
daobet-cli create key -f keys.txt

Be sure to save the private key!

url (optional)

your website url

p2p_endpoint / api_endpoint / ssl_endpoint (optional)

specify your ip so that other validators can connect to you. In this file you will find the ip of other validators and you can add them to your configuration. this will allow the network to be more stable and decentralized.

To add a peer address add each of them to config.ini:


p2p-peer-address = example.сom:9999
p2p-peer-address =


When publishing an ip you must evaluate the risks and possible attacks! Please make sure that you provide sufficient protection.


Scripts and instructions for launching the node for participating in the Game of Stakes


Service for counting of the Validators Points and for receiving the information about the network status.

Our validators

Our team is also taking part in Game Of Stakes, but is not going to be laying claim to the prize.

Should any of the following validators from the DAObet team be among the winners:

  • daovalidator
  • davy42davy42
  • mixbytes1234

the prize will be distributed among the participants of the game at the discretion of the team.

Connection after the start of the game

We reserve the right of entering the game after it starts. Validators joining after the start of the game will receive the same amount of game tokens as the remaining participants at the start of the game.

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