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Run producer node

Steps to run own validator node

  • Run dao-wallet and dao-node, for that you can just run command: ./ It will automatically configure and start wallet and node in fullnode mode as docker container.
  • Create wallet: ./ wallet create --to-console.

IMPORTANT: you have to save wallet password created by this command.

  • Import your private key into wallet: ./ wallet import --private-key <YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY> .
  • Configure node to become validator:
    • add producer-name = <YOUR_VALIDATOR_NAME> and signature-provider = <YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY>=KEY:<YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY> lines into config.ini file.
    • The config.ini is located in <node_data_path>/config/config.ini.

NOTE: <node_data_path> by default is ./dao-node

  • Restart node: docker restart dao-node. After restart your node will work in validator mode.
  • Register your account as a validator: ./ system regproducer <YOUR_VALIDATOR_NAME> <YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY>
  • Stake tokens for voting:./ system delegatebw "<CPU_STAKE_AMOUNT> BET" "<NET_STAKE_AMOUNT> BET" "<VOTE_STAKE_AMOUNT> BET".

For Game of Stakes we recommend set maximum VOTE amount and minimal CPU and NET amount.

To become a validator <CPU_STAKE_AMOUNT> + <NET_STAKE_AMOUNT> + <VOTE_STAKE_AMOUNT> should be more than 0.1% of BET tokens.

  • Vote for own validator: ./ system voteproducer prods <YOUR_VALIDATOR_NAME> <YOUR_VALIDATOR_NAME>

Update node

Update node with state wiping:

  • run script: ./
  • pass 'y' when script asks:
    • "Config file already exists, do you want rewrite it? (y/n)" (NOTE: this step is optional, pass 'y' if you want to rewrite config.ini)
    • "Blockchain state already exists, do you want delete it? (y/n)"
    • "Dao node docker contrainer already exists, do you want delete it? (y/n)"
    • "Dao wallet docker contrainer already exists, do you want delete it? (y/n)" (optionally, if you want update wallet daemon)
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