Simple translation service using Ruby on Rails v3.1.1
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Rails Test App for the New Ruby Engineer on the project

You are building a simple translation service using Ruby on Rails.

Your application will allow users to

Contribute phrases which may then be translated correctly into many languages:

Users will log in to the system to enter new phrases or translate existing ones. not logged in users can see last pending phrases and last translated ones but nothing else The system will have a number of languages (not hardcoded list) Each user will have a home language as well as a list of languages they know. Each of a user's languages is marked with a comfort level. Phrases will be organized into categories or tags as you see fit.

Encourage users not to submit duplicate phrases:

search for similar phrases when a user submits a new phrase for translation and suggest an existing phrase as a substitute (I suggest AJAX here as, for ex., google search suggestions) allow the user to vote among several existing phrases to suggest a replacement (custom translation) Add any features that would interest you and may increase app usability. Explain why this feature is important.

Use MySQL as a DB storage Use any gems set, but explain why each gem is required.

Create some test coverage for the app:

Create at least two RSPEC tests for some Model and at least two for some Controller RSPEC tests MUST pass

Do the development in the public repository (or any public svn repo) use clean commit messages and dedicated commits to see history of development