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Abstract Quiz AWA

A quiz made for AWA school project in Unity and with AR Foundation (Augmented Reality for new generation phones, works on computer without AR).

The quiz API can be changed easily and has no incidence on the logic code. For that, you will have to implement your API data model structure or use the default one (already implemented) to begin fastly.


Fast start

Add Unity Version (2019.1 or later)

To work, the project needs a recent version of Unity (2019.1 or later). To install a version, go on Unity download page and choose the most recent version using the Unity Hub button to install it.

Unity Hub software should open. Don't forget to check Android Build Support or iOS Build Support depending on which platform you want the final app to be and click install.

Clone repository

Clone this repository

git clone
cd Abstract_Quiz_AWA

Because the repo use Git Large File Storage (LFS), you need to fetch the large files with:

git lfs fetch --all

Add/Import project in Unity

From Unity Hub, click on Add from Projects and find the Abstract_Quiz_AWA folder you just cloned.

Add Project

Click on the newly added project from the list and wait until all elements are imported.

Install ARCore/ARKit XR Plugin

In Unity’s top menu: Window > Package Manager

Find and install:

  • ARCore XR Plugin for Android (the project was set using this platform)
  • ARKit XR Plugin for iOS (not tested)

Info: The code uses AR Foundation that is a wrapper around ARCore and ARKit. If you want to know more about it go here

Begin to work with the project

From the Project WIndow Learning The Interface (Unity3d), select the folder Scenes that is in Assets and double-click on QuizzScene. You should see the scene below.


Launch the project

The project is intended to be deployed on phones supporting Augmented Reality, but it can work on computer. To begin we will test it on computer, you will see later how to make it work on phones:

From the Toolbar of Unity Editor Learning The Interface (Unity3d), click on the Play button.

The project is by default configured to work with the api called DardiEachResourceHasEndpoint.

You should see the picture below asking to scan a QR code but we are on computer, so just click No, go to quiz list please


After that you can see the list of quizes. Select one and respond to it until the end.


Going further

You made the project work and you can now go further to deploy it on your phone, implement your own API or to understand how the project works globally:


An abstract Quiz made with Unity and AR Foundation






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