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Build Version: | Wizard Update

Known Bug List

00. Replace current options implementation with if-less options implementation
01. Multithreading breaks down when too many enemies are being updated
02. Vending Machine menu still slows the game down a lot (~30%) I think this is due to the transparency
03. Camera swing causes weird things and has been disabled for the time being
04. Player death causes freeze with multithreading (multithreading will get completely reworked in the future)
05. Player sometimes get stuck in the falling animation despite having touched the ground
06. Standing on the lizard after roll attack makes the player clip through the wall and fall through the floor
07. The player is able to push generic enemies around instead of vice-a-versa
08. Slam doesn't work on Wizard
09. Sometimes the stun animation will get stuck on only a single frame (seems to only happen when hit while running)


A: Move left
D: Move right
Q: Shield
E: Shockwave (hold&release for stronger shockwave)
R: Use
Space: Jump
Shift: Roll
Enter: Attack
S+Jump: Slam
Escape: Pause / previous menu
~Tilde: Open developer console

Playable Version

You can download a playable version of the latest build of the game here:
(windows only right now, I'm afraid)

Run Requirements

1.0 Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 (included in windows 10)
1.5 If you are unsure if your system has .NET 4.5, you can find an installer here:
2.0 OpenGL 2.0 and support for framebuffers
2.5 It is most likely that your system has OpenGL pre-installed. However, if you are unsure, visit:
3.0 If you are still having touble running the game, please contact me! You can find me here:

Support Irbis

You can support the development of Irbis by visiting


A 2D boss rush game




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