Posts a picture to a channel every X minutes from a queue. The user can set multiple admins, the delay can be any number of minutes, and the bot will automatically forward photos from the channel to any group it is added into.
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Telegram Photo Channel Controller Bot


This bot was designed and built to control the telegram channel Flickr Sneps

It works by storing the file information of files sent to it by an admin, and keeping them in a queue. By default, the delay is set to 60 minutes. Meaning, at the top of every hour, a file is downloaded from the queue and sent as a photo (if it is actually an image file) to the telegram channel specified and forwarded to all the groups the bot has been added to. Afterwards, it will also send the file to twitter if it is either a photo or video.


Start by cloning the repo into your desired folder.

Take the admins.json, delay.json, files.json, forwardList.json, timeZone.json, and usedIDs.json and move them into the app folder made by dropbox (create one of these on Once you have done this, edit the first few lines of and change dbx, token, channel, and botID to your own information.

The bot uses telegram's getUpdates method, so you can safely send it images and add it to groups while it isn't running and it will add them all to the proper files once it is launched.

You may also run the http call[botToken]/getUpdates in your browser to determine what your bot id and channel id are.

I'd also recommend looking through this resource for more information on telegram bots and how they work.

Once you start the bot, admins should get a message on telegram from the bot with some information including the current delay and number of photos in the queue.


If you have any questions about how the bot works or are having trouble setting it up, feel free to send me an email and I'd be happy to help.