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type AggregateUser {
count: Int!
type BatchPayload {
count: Long!
scalar Long
type Mutation {
createUser(data: UserCreateInput!): User!
updateUser(data: UserUpdateInput!, where: UserWhereUniqueInput!): User
updateManyUsers(data: UserUpdateManyMutationInput!, where: UserWhereInput): BatchPayload!
upsertUser(where: UserWhereUniqueInput!, create: UserCreateInput!, update: UserUpdateInput!): User!
deleteUser(where: UserWhereUniqueInput!): User
deleteManyUsers(where: UserWhereInput): BatchPayload!
enum MutationType {
interface Node {
id: ID!
type PageInfo {
hasNextPage: Boolean!
hasPreviousPage: Boolean!
startCursor: String
endCursor: String
type Query {
user(where: UserWhereUniqueInput!): User
users(where: UserWhereInput, orderBy: UserOrderByInput, skip: Int, after: String, before: String, first: Int, last: Int): [User]!
usersConnection(where: UserWhereInput, orderBy: UserOrderByInput, skip: Int, after: String, before: String, first: Int, last: Int): UserConnection!
node(id: ID!): Node
type Subscription {
user(where: UserSubscriptionWhereInput): UserSubscriptionPayload
type User {
id: ID!
email: String!
password: String!
type UserConnection {
pageInfo: PageInfo!
edges: [UserEdge]!
aggregate: AggregateUser!
input UserCreateInput {
email: String!
password: String!
type UserEdge {
node: User!
cursor: String!
enum UserOrderByInput {
type UserPreviousValues {
id: ID!
email: String!
password: String!
type UserSubscriptionPayload {
mutation: MutationType!
node: User
updatedFields: [String!]
previousValues: UserPreviousValues
input UserSubscriptionWhereInput {
mutation_in: [MutationType!]
updatedFields_contains: String
updatedFields_contains_every: [String!]
updatedFields_contains_some: [String!]
node: UserWhereInput
AND: [UserSubscriptionWhereInput!]
OR: [UserSubscriptionWhereInput!]
NOT: [UserSubscriptionWhereInput!]
input UserUpdateInput {
email: String
password: String
input UserUpdateManyMutationInput {
email: String
password: String
input UserWhereInput {
id: ID
id_not: ID
id_in: [ID!]
id_not_in: [ID!]
id_lt: ID
id_lte: ID
id_gt: ID
id_gte: ID
id_contains: ID
id_not_contains: ID
id_starts_with: ID
id_not_starts_with: ID
id_ends_with: ID
id_not_ends_with: ID
email: String
email_not: String
email_in: [String!]
email_not_in: [String!]
email_lt: String
email_lte: String
email_gt: String
email_gte: String
email_contains: String
email_not_contains: String
email_starts_with: String
email_not_starts_with: String
email_ends_with: String
email_not_ends_with: String
password: String
password_not: String
password_in: [String!]
password_not_in: [String!]
password_lt: String
password_lte: String
password_gt: String
password_gte: String
password_contains: String
password_not_contains: String
password_starts_with: String
password_not_starts_with: String
password_ends_with: String
password_not_ends_with: String
AND: [UserWhereInput!]
OR: [UserWhereInput!]
NOT: [UserWhereInput!]
input UserWhereUniqueInput {
id: ID
email: String
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