@DarkMatterCore DarkMatterCore released this Jun 30, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Fixed game card version reading (now using the ncm service instead of retrieving it from the cached Control.nacp).
  • Added ability to read and identify FW update versions bundled with game cards.
  • In case an error occurs while reading the game card Title ID, the application will also display the FW version update bundled with it along with an explanation.
  • Removed output XCI dump renaming based on the XML database from nswdb.com.
  • Output naming scheme changed. Characters out of the ASCII range are replaced with underscores:
    • XCI dump: "sdmc:/[GameName] v[GameVersion] ([TitleID]).xci".
    • Raw partition dump: "sdmc:/[GameName] v[GameVersion] ([TitleID]) - Partition [PartitionIndex] ([PartitionName]).hfs0".
    • Partition data dump (directory): "sdmc:/[GameName] v[GameVersion] ([TitleID]) - Partition [PartitionIndex] ([PartitionName])/".
    • Certificate dump: "sdmc:/[GameName] v[GameVersion] ([TitleID]) - Certificate ([CRC32]).bin".
  • Manual file dumps will now be saved to their corresponding directory instead of the SD card root.
  • Added a XML database update option in the main menu.
  • Added an update application option in the main menu. It isn't working at this moment because libcurl has problems dealing with secure connections, and as such the option has been disabled (pressing A on it does nothing). Nonetheless, the code to parse JSON responses from the GitHub API is pretty much ready, so it's just a matter of time.

EDIT: Updated binary to fix a wrong screen offset from an error message.