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▼ DarkPayCoin


DarkPayCoin is a privacy focused MN/PoS coin, iteratively improved with the most advanced technological features.

DarkPayCoin is 100% community governed and built. Every move is community-driven, as Darkpaycoin technology includes a decentralized budgeting system and immutable proposal and voting systems.


DarkPayCoin was created as an answer to two issues : lack of privacy and lack of decentralization. Dark. Its purpose is to become a staple medium of exchange, 100% private and decentralized, linking up several applications, all of them built by the community, for the community. In the first phase, DarkPayCoin holders benefit from a superior incentive for holding, such a feature was purposely designed to ensure maximum network security, decentralization and early adopter engagement. This phase will last 104 days until MN holders will vote for the best proposals concerning DKPC economics and applications for phase 2 through DKPC technical vote feature. However, the core team plans to deliver a fully integrated P2P marketplace for 2019 called DarkPayMarket, regardless of future applications.




Ticker: DKPC

Supply Cap: 21,000,000

Premine: 21000 (0.1%)

Masternode collateral: 10000

Masternode Rewards: 90%

Stake Rewards: 10% (PoS v3.0)

P2P port: 6667 RPC port: 6668

Algo: Quark

Block Time: 60 Seconds

Difficulty Retarget: Every Block

Privacy: Zerocoin

DAO: Masternode vote