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Betrayer 3D Fix

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@DarkStarSword DarkStarSword released this 04 Sep 18:30
· 3768 commits to master since this release

This is my first non-trivial 3D fix! Thanks heaps to bo3b's Shaderhacker school for teaching me how to use Helix mod effectively =D I'm still learning, but I've managed to figure out enough to fix this game for perfect 3D!

To install this fix, extract to Binaries\Win32 in the Betrayer directory.


  • Water (reflections & refractions on both the Ocean and Lake)
  • God rays
  • Sun depth in the otherworld (if you can call that a sun? "glowing thing in the sky" depth?)
  • Red glow above the health barrels.

This release also includes Eqzitara's original fixes to the shadows and certain other effects in this game.

The UI depth is set far back into the screen by default - you can select other presets by pressing 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0. Eqzitara's RightMouseScript is not included since one of the game's updates had broken it and I didn't feel it was necessary after pushing the UI back.

A custom convergence setting will be activated while holding the right mouse button - to customise it, hold down the right mouse button while adjusting it normally, then press F7 to save (while still holding the right mouse button).

There might still be one very minor glitched effect near the end of the game - I need to replay the game to check. Otherwise, I declare this game to be perfect in 3D!!