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A Library to use Moonscript as a DSL to generate XML and HTML code. Heavily inspired by the HTML generator syntax in Lapis


Modifying function environments in Lua is tricky, which is why MoonXML tries to avoid it whenever possible. Therefore the prefered way to load templates is from their own .moon file. This works like this:

Somewhere in your code:

-- This works fine with moonscript, but this example shows how it can also be
-- used from within Lua as long as moonscript is installed
local mxml = require "moonxml"
local temp = mxml.html:loadmoonfile "page.moon"
temp('My Page')


title_text = ...
html ->
	head ->
		title title_text or 'Page'
	body ->
		h1 "Hello World"
		p ->
			print escape "This is a"
			b "Paragraph"
		p ->
			print "Sometimes it is just <b>easier</b> to just write HTML inline."

This would produce HTML code similar to the following

<!doctype html>
		<title>My Page</title>
			This is a
			Sometimes it is just <b>easier</b> to just write HTML inline.

Note that the resulting code will not be indented as in the example and html tags will always be on their own line.

Special functions:


html5, html4 and xhtml add a doctype (these should go at the top, duh)


xml(version[, encoding]) Adds that <?xml ?> thingy I forgot the name of

svg Creates an SVG tag, but adds the xmlns automatically


Both the xml and html objects have the hack method. This method accepts a single function argument and runs it in the xhmoon environment. Because of how function environments work in Lua 5.2+ this is extremely unreliable in those versions and should only be used carefully.

There are two requirements for things to not go terribly wrong:

  • The first upvalue needs to be the function environment
  • There needs to be a function environment

Therefore the name hack has been chosen for these methods; As a warning to those who hunger for power they don't understand that it may destroy them if they don't act in caution. Seriously, do not use this.

Compatibility with Lapis

This is not a 1:1 clone of the lapis generator syntax. Many things may work the same way and simpler code snippets may work in either of the two, but more complex constructs may require some adaptation. The most important difference is that MoonXML flattens its arguments to allow for nested constructs.


In general, all meaningful contributions are welcome. Specially adding special tags or generic macros (like a simpler way to generate HTML lists, etc.). under the following conditions:

  • All commit messages must be meaningful. (No "updated file X", etc.)
  • Commits must consist of changes that fit together.
  • PGP-Signing commits is not mandatory, but encouraged.

After submitting a larger change, feel free to add your name to the "contributors.lua" file. Please PGP-sign at least that commit though.



  • Change moonxml to pass additional arguments to the template
  • Improve moonxml script to accept file parameters
  • svg tag automatically adds 'xmlns' attribute
  • Make all HTML tags lowercase
  • Add html5, html4 and xhtml doctype functions
  • Add xml function


  • Switch to xhmoon 2


  • Switch to Lua file (delete moonscript file)
  • Add tests
  • Remove moonhtml html5 function Because functions inherited from other functions keep their original environment. Note: this is no longer a problem as of xhmoon 2


  • Improve Readme file
  • Add rudimentary executable
  • Update rockspec to v4
  • Remove indentation (Wo... hooo?)
  • Fix hack not passing additional arguments


  • Add method to load moonscript from file or string directly as a moonxml generator.
  • Switch to xhmoon 1.1.0 to get loadlua and loadluafile methods


  • Complete Rewrite
  • Most core code moved to XHMoon library
  • New git repo
  • Output indentation (Wohooo!)


  • MoonXML now also does HTML, making MoonHTML obsolete. This change was necessary because both projects shared most of their code and only differed in how they treat empty tags.
  • Render functions are gone (they were one-liners, so the user can build them when needed) to reduce feature bloat
  • There are no more individual environments generated on the fly, but instead, there's just a single environment containing all the XML functions


  • MoonXML doesn't have any concept of buffers anymore, instead you pass it a function that handles your output (see examples)
  • The pair method is gone, and instead there is emv, which only returns an environment
  • build now returns a function, which in turn accepts as its first argument a function that handles output. All aditional arguments are passed to the function provided by the user

License: The Unlicense


A Library to use Moonscript as a DSL to generate XML and HTML code. Heavily inspired by the HTML generator syntax in Lapis







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