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💥❗ Cloud-ShareSync is in a pre-release state. ❗💥

Note: Documentation may change at any time and without any notice.


Cloud-ShareSync is an open source cloud storage backup and restore application.

The long term goal of this project is to build a backup application, akin to OneDrive, that extends the Files On Demand/Fuse functionality to new public cloud storage providers. Supporting platforms such as linux and MacOS is also a priority.

Cloud-ShareSync (v1.x) will have a much more limited scope. The application currently (v0.7.0-PreRelease) has two separate modes of operation; Backup and Restore.

Cloud-ShareSync runs on Windows*, Linux*, and MacOS*.


Project documentation can be found at

Getting Started:

Cloud-ShareSync runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Additionally container images are also available.

Please refer to the How-To Articles before opening any issues.

Initial Setup:


The project planning & development board is where the specifics of the roadmap can be found.
Cloud-ShareSync is currently in a pre-release state and will follow semantic versioning upon release.

Phase 01 - V0.7:

  • Status : Nearing Completion.
  • Goal : Establish initial backup and restore functionality.
  • Features:
    • Backup / Restore modes are specified by passing in arguments via the commandline.
      • Ex: Cloud-ShareSync.exe backup
      • Ex: Cloud-ShareSync.exe restore
    • A config file controls the the remaining application settings.
    • Console logging and rolling log files are enabled by default.
    • OpenTelemetry trace logging is also available when enabled (currently partially enabled).
    • Application data can be stored in a local Sqlite database.
    • Application can run in either console or GUI mode.
    • Files can be uploaded/downloaded to/from a BackBlaze B2 bucket.
      • BackBlaze B2 bucket specified by user in config.
    • When the backup mode is run repeatedly; Files that were uploaded to the bucket on prior runs will be skipped if they are unchanged.
    • Files can be compressed before upload.
      • You may also elect to have a unique password generated during the compression process to password protect compressed files.
      • File compression has a dependency on 7-Zip.
    • Files can be encrypted prior to upload.
    • Restore mode uses the database to restore all files that were uploaded to BackBlaze B2 by the the backup application.
    • Restore mode will decompresses files after download if they were compressed during the upload process.
    • Restore mode decrypts files after download if they were encrypted during the upload process.

Phase 02 - v0.8:

  • Status : Solidifying Acceptance Criteria.
  • Goal : Add Azure Blob Storage, Postgres, and Selective Restore functionality
  • Features:
    • Add ability to upload/download files to/from Azure Blob Storage.
      • Backup process can archive to both BackBlazeB2 and Azure Blob Storage simultaneously.
      • Restore mode requires specifying which cloud provider to restore files from.
    • Enable Postgres alternative DB functionality.
      • Postgres OR Sqlite. Not both.
    • Add selective restore GUI option.
      • Selective restore GUI will present a table/spreadsheet like view of previously uploaded files.
      • Allows the user to restore individual files from either configured cloud provider.

Phase 03 - v0.9:

  • Status : Developing Acceptance Criteria.
  • Goal : Add "Sync" functionality & convert to background service.
  • Features:
    • Application needs to combine backup and restore modes into an always on "Sync" mode.
    • Application should run as a background service.
    • Application should (continue to) have an associated management GUI.
      • Management GUI should primarily allow input of app settings.
      • GUI should also contain the SelectiveRestore menu.

Phase 04 - Pre-1.0 Release:

  • Status : Developing Acceptance Criteria.
  • Goal : Focus on code quality and tests.



Contributing is encouraged!
Please help keep the repository inclusive and fun! Abusive, rude, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
Read the Code of Conduct for more details.

  • ToDo: Finish writing contribution guides.


Cloud-ShareSync is not affiliated with Microsoft, BackBlaze, Google, or Amazon. All code is provided free of charge, as is, and with no warranty under an MIT license.