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GYTH - Get Ya' Tanks Here

GYTH is a mod for Minecraft which adds fluid storage tanks. These tanks can be upgraded using resources to increase their storage capacity. GYTH tanks will keep their contents when broken.

API Info

Gyth provides an API which allows other mods to add/remove tank tiers. This API uses Forge's IMC system, allowing other mods to add support without any sort of dependency on Gyth. There are several mods which allow configs and scripts to interact with the IMC API as well. (Those will be listed here later?) If you plan to interact with the Gyth API, I would highly recommend using the GythWrapper which can be found in src/main/java/net/darkhax/gyth/api/. Feel free to copy, modify and distribute that class as needed.

NOTICE: All API calls should try to be made before Gyth enters the init phase!

How to remove a tier? This can be done by sending a removeTier message to gyth. The message must be a ResourceLocation message, where the location matches a tier identifier. The list of all identifiers for default tiers can be found below.

How to add a tier? This can be done by sending an addTier message to gyth. The message must be a NBTTagCompound message. There are several properties which must be set to the attached tag.

  • tierName - The name of the tier as a string. This must be an all lower case string with no spaces. This is used to create the identifier. Note that the modID is added automatically, similarly to the way forge adds it.
  • blockId - The identifier for the block to use as the case material, as a string. This is used for pulling texture info for the case.
  • meta - The meta value of the case block. This must be an integer from 0 to 15.
  • tier - The position of the tier on the tier hierarchy. Must be an integer greater than 0 but less than 11.
  • recipe - The item/block to use for crafting the tier. This must be a string, however there are two ways this can be used. The first is to use any ore dictionary name, the second is to use a generic itemstack format which follows a identifier#meta pattern. The identifier is a string based item/block id which follows mc's format, and the meta is any integer. Blocks require a meta of 0-15.

MineTweaker3 Support

GYTH has support for MineTweaker 3! With MineTweaker3 you can add and remove tank tiers to the mod!

How to remove a tier? Tiers can be removed by calling mods.gyth.Tiers.removeTier("IDENTIFIER"); in a script file. Just replace IDENTIFIER with the id of the tier you want to remove. A list of build in tiers can be found balow.

How to add a tier? Tiers can be added by calling mods.gyth.Tiers.addTier(TIER_NAME, DISPLAY, CRAFTING, TIER);. Each parameter is explained below.

  • TIER_NAME - The name of the tier as a string. This must be an all lower case string with no spaces. No two tiers can share the same id. Note that all tiers added through MineTweaker3 will have the mod id of MineTweaker3 prefixed automatically.
  • DISPLAY - The block to use when rendering this tier. This parameter is an IIngredient, meaning it can be defined using just the block id, or the block id and a meta data value. For example both <minecraft:dirt> and <minecraft:wool:11 are acceptable.
  • CRAFTING - The ingredient to use when crafting this tier. This parameter is an IIngredient, meaing it can be defined using just the item/block id, or the id and a meta value. Ore dictionary entries are also permitted. For example <minecraft:brick> or <ore:dirt> would be acceptable.
  • TIER - The position of the tier on the tier hierarchy. Must be an integer greater than 0, but less than 11.

Default Tank Tiers

Name Identifier Tier Storage
Dark Oak Wood Planks gyth:dark_oak 1 4B
Oak Wood Planks gyth:oak 1 4B
Spruce Wood Planks gyth:spruce 1 4B
Birch Wood Planks gyth:birch 1 4B
Acacia Wood Planks gyth:acacia 1 4B
Jungle Wood Planks gyth:jungle 1 4B
Diorite gyth:stone_diorite 2 16B
Cobblestone gyth:stone_cobble 2 16B
Red Sandstone gyth:sandstone_brick_red 2 16B
Andesite gyth:stone_andesite 2 16B
Sandstone gyth:sandstone_brick 2 16B
Polished Diorite gyth:stone_diorite_smooth 2 16B
Polished Andesite gyth:stone_andesite_smooth 2 16B
Prismarine gyth:prismarine 2 16B
Purpur Block gyth:brick_purpur 2 16B
Bricks gyth:brick 2 16B
Stone gyth:stone_smooth 2 16B
Nether Brick gyth:brick_nether 2 16B
Stone Bricks gyth:brick_stone 2 16B
Granite gyth:stone_granite 2 16B
Polished Granite gyth:stone_granite_smooth 2 16B
End Stone Bricks gyth:brick_end 2 16B
Obsidian gyth:obsidian 3 64B
Block of Gold gyth:gold 3 64B
Block of Iron gyth:iron 3 64B
Lapis Lazuli Block gyth:lapis 4 256B
Block of Redstone gyth:redstone 4 256B
Block of Quartz gyth:quartz 4 256B
Block of Emerald gyth:emerald 5 1024B
Block of Diamond gyth:diamond 5 1024B
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