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Trinkets to help you better understand your world.
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Informational Accessories

This mod will remove all entries from the F3 debug menu. Information is then re-added once you have the appropriate item that is related to that information. Some items will have multiple pieces of information, and vanilla items can also have info provided by them. The information provided by the item is also shown in the item's tooltip.

This project is sponsored by Nodecraft. Use code Darkhax for 30% off your first month of service!

Current Items?

Compass - The X and Z of the player Stopwatch - The movement speed of the player Sextant - The current moon phase Depth Meter - The Y of the player Debugger - WIP Slimey Compass - Whether or not the player is in a slime chunk Chunker - The Chunk's X and Y coordinate DPS Monitor - WIP Structure - WIP

Terraria as inspiration?

Yes, this mod was inspired by the informational accessories from Terraria. The level of inspiration includes several of the items in the mod, and in some cases textures were directly inspired by the Terraria textures. None of the Terraria textures are included in this mod.

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