Open source level editor for Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 GameBoy ROM
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Hazelnut is a level editor for the Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 Gameboy ROM.


Hazelnutt is programmed in Java, so all you need to execute it is an installed Java runtime Environment, which you probably already have.

Make sure you extract the contents of the ZIP to some location, as the lib folder must be located within the same directory as the Hazelnutt.jar file. The first time you run the program, it will create a log directory and a file.

The log directory will be filled with logs from the program. Feel free to remove them from time to time if they waste too much space.

The file contains some configuration options and other things the program needs to remember.

To run the program, double click Hazelnutt.jar. It should launch it directly. If that doesn't work, use the following command:

java -jar Hazelnutt.jar

On Windows, you can use javaw instead of java to hide the dummy console window. If you are on Windows, you will probably need to add the directory where java.exe and javaw.exe are to the PATH to use those commands.

Known Issues

  • When a level is resized, $00 is added on new positions instead of $03


Programmed by Daniel Escoz (Darkhogg) Silk Icon Set by Mark James Log4J by The Apache Software Foundation Apache Commons by The Apache Software Foundation